よろしくお願いします。m(_ _)m

Hello, everyone. I'm Clear!
Tumblr looks like so much fun, so I came here to play! With Master. And everyone else too.
Let's be friends!
Please treat me well. m(_ _)m

[This is an ask/rp blog for Clear from DRAMAtical Murder. Feel free to ask whatever you want, but be aware that Clear's a little slow on some things. He still has a lot to learn, so you can be his teachers too!]
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gaarachee-deactivated20120804 sent: well, it's pretty obvious, clear. i'm surprised you didn't notice it yourself

I’m so ashamed… (/ _ ; )

I don’t deserve to serve under Master. I don’t deserve… to be here DX

*runs away*

gaarachee-deactivated20120804 sent: but clear, that isn't the real aoba

Not the.. *twitch* real one?

Wh-What makes you say that?! ⊙▂⊙

Hard to say…

But I guess I’m better than before now that Master is back(´・ω・`)

ask-seragakiaoba-deactivated201 sent: /is pulled into a hug. Surprised at first then smiles kindly and hugs back. "Ahh Clear I missed you as well!" ⊂((・v ・))⊃

*cries on Aoba’s chest*

I’m sorry, Master! I’ve done some unforgivable things while you were away… (/ _ ; )

Hello *weakly smiles*

Anonymous sent: Clear~!!! *tackle/hugs/cuddles* As cute as always~! ^w^ Anyway~ Clear out of these three Koujaku,Noize,and Mink which would you Marry,Fuck,or Kill?~ (Sorry xD -shot-)

A-Ah, careful, careful…. *holds Anon by the shoulders*

Sorry, I’m feeling sort of weak right now.

This is.. a difficult question to answer. The only person I want to…. marry…. is Aoba-san. I just want to be friends with everyone else.

F-Fucking and killing is just.. *twitch* just *spark flies out of head*

wrong…. (killthemallkillthemallkillthemall)

ask-seragakiaoba-deactivated201 sent: /is surprised when Clear tears up then withdraws my hand which was poking your cheek. "U-Uwaa?! C-Clear? W-What's wrong?" /is worried.

*quickly grabs Aoba’s wrist before he pulls away*

I missed you, Aoba-san… I missed you so much… (/ _ ; )

*pulls Aoba into a tight hug*

ask-seragakiaoba-deactivated201 sent: "Yo Clear~! Someone said you've been acting strange lately...Did anything happen?" /goes towards you and pokes your cheek.


Is it… really you? *tears up*